Municipal Archives

     The Málaga Municipal Archives preserves and disseminates all the documents generated by the city of Málaga, since its inception, June 26, 1489, to the present day. We are therefore essential in order to reconstruct the history of our city and a place of reference for research and culture center.

     But while the Municipal Archives is an institution for the administration and citizens. We are part of an existing public organization, with multiple services, functions and duties, which are reflected in a large volume of documents that are integrated within the Documentary Heritage of the City of Málaga.

     Depending on the administrative, legal, or historical value testimonial possessing these documents structure the different phases constituting the Municipal System Files:

- Office Archive
- Administrative file-Intermediate
- Historical Archive

In this online catalog can locate thousands of documents and graphics Municipal Support Archive Málaga. The vast majority of them have associated your scanned image. These documents are part of the totality of our Documentary Heritage Archive. Therefore, in successive stages and we will continuously increasing the number of copies available for inspection and viewing.